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The best Swift Performance Settings


Swift Performance is the new cache plugin on the block, which has been getting raving reviews in the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group. I’ve been using WP Rocket and already had 100% GTmetrix scores with a 1s load time (hard to beat), but Swift gave me near identical results. I stuck with WP Rocket, but I would rate Swift Performance Lite the #1 free cache plugin ahead of WP Fastest...

The BEST WP Fastest Cache SEttings


WP Fastest Cache was rated the #1 (free) cache plugin in this Facebook poll. I was able to get .5s Pingdom load times (the most accurate tool according to WP Rocket) after configuring the WP Fastest Cache settings. They’re easy to setup and have options to add Cloudflare and StackPath’s CDN which can further improves grades/load times (I use both since more data centers = faster...

The Ideal WP Super Cache Settings


WP Super Cache is a solid cache plugin (if you’re going the free route). Otherwise WP Rocket was rated #1 in 7 Facebook polls and is what I use (I have a setup guide for WP Rocket as well). But WP Super Cache is still a great choice especially because… it’s free. I will show you how to setup the WP Super Cache settings including the Advanced, CDN, and Plugin tab. I’ll also...

The Ideal Autoptimize Settings


Autoptimize isn’t the best cache plugin (WP Rocket and Swift Performance are #1 in most Facebook polls taken by the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group with 10,000+ members). In fact, Autoptimize doesn’t even do caching. So why use it? Because some hosts like Godaddy and WP Engine blacklist most cache plugins (since they have their own built-in caching system), but they don’t do...

How To Optimize Images In WordPress


When it comes to image optimization, you’ve probably heard enough about alt text. There are actually 20 different ways to optimize images (if you include both SEO and speed optimization). These will give you better scores in GTmetrix/Pingdom, potentially rank you higher in search, and make your content load much faster. I’ve managed to get a 100% GTmetrix report with .5s load times… optimizing my...

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