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I know my tutorials are about SEO but can we be real for a sec?

Many of us, including me, are struggling financially. I have personally been broke my whole life.

I’ve been working on this website for 5 years and have wanted to quit more times than I can count (and if it wasn’t for your guy’s awesome feedback in the comments I probably would’ve). But you guys kept telling me to ‘keep it up’ and you’re ‘looking forward to the next tutorial.’ You guys fucking rock.

In early 2017 my website traffic suddenly tripled. 1,500 people read my tutorials daily now (90% from Google). For the first time in my life I’m financially comfortable from the affiliate income generated by my website.

That’s why I look happy in the picture 🙂

And that’s why it’s only fair to spread the love. You guys trusted me when I recommended stuff (specifically SiteGround’s hosting). Now it’s my turn…

Each year I have been making donations to GoFundMe campaigns. In 2018, $3,000 was donated to feed hungry people in Denver, and in 2017, $3,000 was donated to American Red Cross at Hurricane Harvey. I will continue to make donations as long as I’m running this blog (so long as I can pay rent).

My accountant says it’s not deductible but whatever, I’m doing it anyway.

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